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Enterprise Agreement Catholic Schools Nsw

Catholic schools in New South Wales (NSW) are governed by the Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiated between their employers and the Independent Education Union (IEU). This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for teachers and support staff in Catholic schools, covering issues such as pay rates, working hours, leave entitlements, and professional development opportunities.

The current EA for NSW Catholic schools was negotiated in 2017 and will expire in 2021. It covers both primary and secondary schools, as well as systemic and congregational schools. The agreement applies to all Catholic school employees, including teachers, support staff, and managers.

One of the most significant aspects of the EA is its focus on professional development. The agreement encourages teachers and support staff to engage in ongoing professional learning to enhance their skills and knowledge, which in turn benefits students and the wider school community. The EA also provides opportunities for teachers to advance their careers through leadership positions, such as curriculum coordinators or heads of department.

In terms of pay rates, the EA sets out a minimum salary scale for teachers and support staff that increases each year based on their level of experience and qualifications. It also provides for annual pay increases and regular performance appraisals to ensure that employees are being fairly compensated for their work.

The EA also includes provisions for flexible working arrangements to help employees manage their work-life balance. This can include part-time work, job sharing, or working from home. Additionally, the agreement outlines a range of leave entitlements, such as sick leave, parental leave, and long service leave, to support employees through various life events.

Overall, the EA for Catholic schools in NSW provides a comprehensive framework for employment conditions that prioritizes the wellbeing and professional development of their staff. It is an essential document that ensures a fair and equitable working environment for all employees, which ultimately benefits the students and broader school community.

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